So you want to be a Product Manager.

Good news: the Toronto Associate Product Management program is here.
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What is Toronto APM?

Outside of the major Silicon Valley product companies there are not sufficient resources to run a structured APM program to fully empower and train entrants to the product role.

A collective of 9 product-focused organizations are working to fix this long standing problem. Together a collective of product leaders in Toronto have created a 6 month intensive program.

The APM program runs to augment vocational placements with in depth training sessions and create an incredible network to prepare APM’s to be able to handle any challenge the product world can throw at them.

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Meet the Team


How does the APM program work?

The APM program is a 6 month training program dedicated to developing the product management skills of associate Product Managers in Toronto. The program is a 6 month vocational role where you will be working full time at the company that has selected you for the program. The program consists of weekly intensive training sessions with a select group of associate Product Managers where you will be exposed to best practices and gain in depth training across the industry led by top product leaders in Toronto.

How do I apply for the program?

To gain entry into the program you must apply for the APM position through the company partners that are part of the Toronto APM program. Applications for the 2017 cohort are currently closed. The next cohort will take place in 2018.

How many APMs are selected per cohort?

A maximum of 15 APMs are selected per cohort.

What happens after the apm program and how do you get placed permanently?

If you are selected for this competitive program, you are in the best position to acquire the experience and knowledge to be able to transition into a Product Manager position. After the APM program you will also be part of an incredible network of PM’s that will continue on well after your cohort is complete. Our goal is to ensure that you are provided with all the right tools and resources to develop into highly sought after candidate for a Product Manager position no matter where you go. Individual organizations will be communicating their own post-program expectations of full-time roles.

Is this a “Rotational” program

The Valley APM model relies on rotation - typically between independent product divisions in an organization. While the possibilities are fewer for rotation in smaller organizations, participating companies may apply rotation through varied assignments - for example improving conversion funnels, delivering innovative product marketing, validating new product lines or features. The possibilities are endless. The benefit to this APM program vs. traditional in house rotational programs is that you will be exposed to a variety of challenges and best practices across industries, better preparing you for your product role.

What kind of candidates are you looking for?

Although each parent company may be looking for a different type of candidate, across the board we are looking for exceptional, highly ambitious and motivated candidates. Here are some of the types of requirements we look for:

  • Work experience where you have demonstrated the ability to deliver results and learn on the job
  • Software lifecycle understanding - you understand how software is delivered and have worked with a technical team in some capacity before
  • Strong interpersonal and stakeholder management skills
  • Instinct and insight into what makes for a good digital product
  • Flawless written and verbal communication skills
  • A knack for solving problems, especially in areas that may be foreign to you
  • A university degree in something interesting
  • Experience in project management, preferably in an Agile environment, is desired
  • A background in design, development or business would be beneficial

When is the next cohort scheduled?

The next cohort is scheduled for a September 2018 start. Job posting for companies looking to hire their APM candidates will be posted starting July 2nd. All job postings will be posted through the APM twitter and sent out through our mailing list. .

How can my company get involved?

For sponsorship inquiries or to find out more on how your company can get involved for future cohorts please email

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